L'Esprit Manouche Study of Gypsy Jazz Guitar

L'Esprit Manouche Study of Gypsy Jazz Guitar
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Romane is, in reality and without a doubt, one of the most talented heirs of Django Reinhart's guitar playing style as well as an interpreter of his compositions. When he was twelve years old, he started to learn the guitar in the company of "gypsies", his adopted brothers who introduced him to gypsy music.

From jazz clubs to festivals and concerts, he is part of our musical landscape of Manouche type jazz. Romane is also successful in the United States where he recorded an album in Nashville. … read moreWith the qualities of a composer and his talented interpretations, we shuold also mention his meticulous pedagogy, which is the result of his ultimate imposing accompaniment and exhaustive work. Derek has been in music for almost thirty years. Today Derek spends his time speaking about the "standards", and visiting his jazz friends and blues men. He is a music teacher at the ATLA School of Paris, an editor of the French Guitar magazine, and a programmer for the synthesizer. He has created pedagogic musical works, of these; nearly forty have been published (in the French language). This has gained him quite a solid reputation. He is also involved with the newer type (new age) compositions

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