Robin Nolan - The Gypsy Jazz - Songbook Vol.4 (book+cd)

Robin Nolan - The Gypsy Jazz - Songbook Vol.4(book+cd)
41 pages | PDF/MP3|121 MB
I'm proud of this book as it features some of my favorite Django tunes including a note for note transcription of the first chorus of his 'I'll See You In My Dreams' solo which is a masterpiece.

Tears', 'Melodie Au Crepuscule', and 'Anouman' are three of Django's most deep and poignant ballads and I've written out the hip changes for all of them. .
This book is a heavy hitter and will give you alot to get on with and … read morecomes highly recommended'

Ballads and More

I'll See You in My Dreams
Melodie au Crepuscule
Night and Day
Whats This Thing Called Love?

Sweet Chorus
Limehouse Blues
Exactly Like You
Icelandic Folksong

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