Les Astuces de la Guitare Brésilienne (Bossa & Samba) Vol. 1

Les Astuces de la Guitare Brésilienne (Bossa & Samba) Vol. 1
41 pages | PDF/MP3|37 MB |Frances
Guitar learning method for Samba and Bossa Style, standard notation and tablature, text in French. Theory and method in tablature ideal for addressing the guitar bossa samba in good conditions. It examines in detail the tricks and styles of the most famous Brazilian guitarists. Book with CD.

The first volume is devoted to learning the chords and rhythm of Bossa and Samba. The first part of this method exposes the tricks and techniques but also the main rhythmic chords. This part is essential … read morebecause it will give you the foundation to pursue a pleasant result. Note that many agreements are minor or major seventh, agreements fairly specific that it will work well, especially in combos. In part one finds the exercises, the anticipation of the agreements, low offset, and style "Chôro" sad slow tempo piece. The second part is devoted to low muffled the strings, chords slipped, the technique of return and the "finger picking" Brazil. The third part offers 6 rooms that you can complete at the end of this method to master the Brazilian style and able to tackle with confidence the next two volumes

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